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Make up work Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Matt Stahl


This is Matt Stahl my other interview for make up credit. He is a 2nd year at CSULB and is 20 years old. He is still not sure what to do, he really wants to go into design but he’s not sure still. Matt is from Yorba Linda but currently he lives in Huntington Beach. Pretty awesome. He went to Yorba Linda High School and was on their Cross Country and Track team. Matt’s a runner, he also has five half marathons under his belt, also with Cross Country, I wouldn’t doubt he’s run over 100 miles in his lifetime. He loves going to the beach but he is more of a mountain kind of guy. He skis a lot but he hasn’t been able to go lately because of work and school. When he does have the time to go, the snow conditions are not that good or he doesn’t have enough money. His goto spot is Mammoth Mountain just like me! I’m jealous of Matt, he’s got an uncle who lives in Mammoth so he doesn’t have to rent a cabin and can go up whenever he wants. He likes to go up there and fish and camp and do all kinds of stuff. Matt sure is an outdoors kind of guy, and I admire it a lot. I wish I could be more of a mountain man. I haven’t been able to go in over two years sadly, Ive just been going local to Big Bear or Mt. High. Matt works at Gelson’s, which is a supermarket. He works in Irvine and got his sister hooked up with a job almost immediately because his manager really likes him. Matt is probably a hard worker. His hobbies are running, playing video games, and golfing. When I started talking to Matt, I realized we don’t have much in common. But hey, who cares? You don’t need to be similar with someone in order to be friends! Matt is a super nice guy and really cool, I’m really glad I got to do my conversation with him. Maybe one day I’ll go out and buy myself an Xbox and we could play games together!


Make up work Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Julian Pineda


This week I did multiple interviews to make up some credit and I had the pleasure of meeting Julian Pineda. Julian is pursuing a career in criminal justice hoping to working for the FBI. Julian lives in apartment with his two older brothers, one who already graduated form CSULB. Julian has a job at a local Vans shoes store, which is a great way to meet hot girls. Julian has the picture perfect collage life. Julian has been interested in working for the FBI since sophomore year of high school. He will be getting a degree in criminal justice and is trying to participate in an intern ship program this summer, in hopes of learning more about the FBI. Julian feels lucky to have his schooling finances supported by scholar ships and grants. He is excited to graduate with little to no debt. Julian hopes after collage he will join the military scouting division, so that he can gain experience for the FBI. Art 110 doesn’t directly relate to his career like it does to other majors. However Julian has enjoyed the class because he enjoys creating art as a hobby. He recently got back into drawing during his free time. Julian and I both related to each other when it came to living environment. Julian grew up in small town outside of the greater L.A. area. I expressed that I have always lived in large cities and want to live in even bigger city like L.A. We both agreed that it’s best to live large cities so that you can have access to so many great things. The smaller the city the more you limit your access to great stuff. Julian is happy to be in this area and I’m looking forward to moving even deeper into L.A. once I graduate in three years. Julian and I are on two different paths through CSULB, its always interesting to meet people that are doing completely different things than you. I wish Julian all the best on his path to the FBI. Its always fun to talk with a “city kid” and compare all the great things city’s have to offer. I look forward to seeing Julian around campus.

Make up work – Classmate Interview – Hayden Leach


A fews weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Hayden Leach. He is a 21 year old, fourth year, junior in the process of getting his bachelors in American Studies. Hayden doesn’t really know what career path he’s going to pursue at this time but somewhere along the line he wants to be a teacher. He is very much dedicated to his studies and was accepted into CSULB through a water polo scholarship. He’s been playing since high school but was only able to play for two years at Long Beach due to three different concussions. One was an elbow and the other two were a kick to the head. I was stunned to hear this because I’ve been playing football for most of my life and have never once experienced a concussion, let along three different times like Hayden. He is no longer playing water polo due to his injuries but he is coaching the sport to kids 10 and under. Hayden also got invited to move up in the ranks and coach the girls 16 and under water polo team at Long Beach Wilson. Then I found out that Hayden is from Corona Del Mar, which in my opinion is a far commute so I asked about his living conditions. Hayden informed me that he lives with five other people in a house. They all share the rent but since Hayden decided to take the garage as his room the rent is cheaper. He tells me that he’s always wanted a room in the garage, it’s kinda like their “man-cave”. Then we started conversing about our jobs. Aside from coaching water polo Hayden use to work at Tilly’s. Currently he is employed at Sports Authority in Long Beach. I asked why he quite Tilly’s and his answer made me laugh. Hayden said that Tilly’s would only give him a 20% discount off store merchandise but Sports Authority has more benefits than Tilly’s and his coaching gig put together. I thought that was pretty funny and I asked if I can get hooked up with some discounts. Hayden, being the chill guy he is, instantly gave me his phone number and told me to contact him if I ever wanted a discount at Sports Authority. In the end, I was lucky to have met someone as easy going as Hayden and I hope to carry our friendship on even after this class ends. I am glad to have made a new friend.

Make up work – Classmate Interview – Antonio Jimenez


A few weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with Art 110 peer Antonio Jimenez. Antonio a freshman at CSULB is a pretty typical collage student, living at home, studying hard and enjoying his favorite music. He is the middle child of four and enjoys a close connection with sister who is attending another UC collage. I was most fascinated to find out that Antonio is a from a notorious L.A. neighborhood. Antonio was born and raised in South Central L.A. Most people understand South Central to be a very dangerous neighborhood. Many gangster movies have depicted such ideas; news channels report on the more troubled event in the neighborhood while upper crust city politicians view it as merely a ghetto. I wanted to find out if these stereotypes were true or if a majority of the information was stereotyped. As it turns out Antonio recognizes the neighborhood as fairly good place, he explained that people that have the most trouble are those who look like they are snooping around from out of town. Antonio actually pointed out higher shooting rates in other parts of L.A. In general its must be recognized that South Central does have its problem, but like any neighborhood its livable. Antonio told sorties of his family owning guns, teaching the woman how to shoot weapons and watching his dad sit in the front yard cleaning his guns. His family has only used their guns for recreational hunting. Antonio does recognize that citizens of South Central have a large responsibility to do their own policing, as there is lack of helpful police presents. Antonio’s father is one whom has been known to be a tough individual who should not be messed with. Antonio sites that some of their safety from this reputation the community holds of his dad. Despite living in South Central Antonio is having a successful first year at CSULB More impressive than living in South Central is the fact Antonio has an hour and a half commute consisting of one bus and one train. Sometimes Antonio can make the trip in an hour but after talking to friends finds it more pleasant than they’re often two hour car drive. Antonio has a strong drive to be at least half an hour early to class. He often allows an hour of gap time in between his expected arrival and the start of class, incase anything unexpected happens. Antonio can’t stand to walk into a room as the class is beginning he wasn’t to be there early in his seat and ready to begin. Many of us hold our own perceptions of South Central L.A. but its not until you meet somebody like Antonio who is from there, that you learn what real story is. Despite the rougher edges of South Central L.A. Antonio says its where he grew up, it didn’t necessary better him but it certainly did not worsen him. He understands that you can’t do anything about where you grow up, its where you have to grow up. It’s promising to see all the determination Antonio has. He endures an hour to an hour half of public transportation and is responsible enough to show up at least half an hour early to class. This may raise the question do we hold unfair perceptions of neighborhoods, without ever meeting or talking to the neighborhoods people? I will enjoy seeing Antonio In class and in the galleries this semester.

Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Matt Do


This week I met a really cool guy. His name is Matt Do. Matt happens to be a lifeguard since the age of 16, and I respect him for it because he keeps the oceans safe for local swimmers. He even saved 400 lives in the past 4 years. Matt likes to surf along with all board sports. He even woke up at four in the morning for an early surf today. He was actually on the swim team in high school and we talked about sports that we have both played. He recently has been promoted at work. Right now, Matt is trying to major in nutrition, and he is currently a sophomore. We talked about how we both have to rush back and forth at work. We went on to talk about fire fighting and police work because Matt is currently completing his EMT training to reach his goal of being a firemen one day. I respect Matt a lot for what he has already accomplished and also hope that he reaches his goal to be a fire fighter.

Wk 15 – Artwork – Nathan Lewis


This week an artist by the name of Nathan Lewis caught my attention with his awesome artwork on the skateboards. Before I was able to afford a car, skateboards were my form of transportation. So instantly I noticed the decks hanging up in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery. At first I didn’t really know what the designs represented so I read the artist information posted next to the boards. It said that Nathan grew up with a passion for art and design. It also had another message in sort of a poem format. This message, in my interpretation, is saying that the closest man can come to understanding immortality will be when they create something beautiful through hard work. At first I didn’t understand how this passage was connected to the artwork. But after reading it over and over again I finally understood. The artist is trying to explain to the audience that he is happy with his creation and design. This masterpiece that he created has given him that feeling of understanding what a mortal will never know. Overall the artwork was extremely neat and the skateboards attracted me to this piece but in the end it was the message that connected me to the artist.

Wk 11 – Activity – Sculpture

I’m glad that this weeks project required me to go to the beach. It has been some time since my girlfriend and I have taken the dogs out to the beach. So I went to Home Depot to grab all the supplies for the project and after church today we took the dogs to the dog beach in Huntington. Once we set up our spot on the beach I went into the water with the dogs for a while. Then I got down to business. I decided to make a plaster cast of my hand. It was very annoying at first because I took my hand out of the mold the first two times and it collapsed. For my first attempt the sand I used was not moist enough to hold the mold. The second time around one of the dogs ran up to the hole and caved it in. So for my final attempt I had the dogs tied down away from the hole and I made sure I had extra water on the side just in case the sand was not wet enough. The worst part was mixing the plaster and trying to get the right consistency. But in the end I was able to come up with a great plaster cast of my hand. I think that it also worked good because I didn’t dig such a deep hole for the mold. After I finished my mold I had a great picnic lunch with my girlfriend and the dogs. It was a awesome day at the beach and I’m glad I had a excuse to leave work for a day and go to the beach.