Wk 15 – Artwork – Nathan Lewis


This week an artist by the name of Nathan Lewis caught my attention with his awesome artwork on the skateboards. Before I was able to afford a car, skateboards were my form of transportation. So instantly I noticed the decks hanging up in the Max L. Gatov East Gallery. At first I didn’t really know what the designs represented so I read the artist information posted next to the boards. It said that Nathan grew up with a passion for art and design. It also had another message in sort of a poem format. This message, in my interpretation, is saying that the closest man can come to understanding immortality will be when they create something beautiful through hard work. At first I didn’t understand how this passage was connected to the artwork. But after reading it over and over again I finally understood. The artist is trying to explain to the audience that he is happy with his creation and design. This masterpiece that he created has given him that feeling of understanding what a mortal will never know. Overall the artwork was extremely neat and the skateboards attracted me to this piece but in the end it was the message that connected me to the artist.


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