Make up work Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Matt Stahl


This is Matt Stahl my other interview for make up credit. He is a 2nd year at CSULB and is 20 years old. He is still not sure what to do, he really wants to go into design but he’s not sure still. Matt is from Yorba Linda but currently he lives in Huntington Beach. Pretty awesome. He went to Yorba Linda High School and was on their Cross Country and Track team. Matt’s a runner, he also has five half marathons under his belt, also with Cross Country, I wouldn’t doubt he’s run over 100 miles in his lifetime. He loves going to the beach but he is more of a mountain kind of guy. He skis a lot but he hasn’t been able to go lately because of work and school. When he does have the time to go, the snow conditions are not that good or he doesn’t have enough money. His goto spot is Mammoth Mountain just like me! I’m jealous of Matt, he’s got an uncle who lives in Mammoth so he doesn’t have to rent a cabin and can go up whenever he wants. He likes to go up there and fish and camp and do all kinds of stuff. Matt sure is an outdoors kind of guy, and I admire it a lot. I wish I could be more of a mountain man. I haven’t been able to go in over two years sadly, Ive just been going local to Big Bear or Mt. High. Matt works at Gelson’s, which is a supermarket. He works in Irvine and got his sister hooked up with a job almost immediately because his manager really likes him. Matt is probably a hard worker. His hobbies are running, playing video games, and golfing. When I started talking to Matt, I realized we don’t have much in common. But hey, who cares? You don’t need to be similar with someone in order to be friends! Matt is a super nice guy and really cool, I’m really glad I got to do my conversation with him. Maybe one day I’ll go out and buy myself an Xbox and we could play games together!


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