Make up work Wk 15 – Classmate Interview – Julian Pineda


This week I did multiple interviews to make up some credit and I had the pleasure of meeting Julian Pineda. Julian is pursuing a career in criminal justice hoping to working for the FBI. Julian lives in apartment with his two older brothers, one who already graduated form CSULB. Julian has a job at a local Vans shoes store, which is a great way to meet hot girls. Julian has the picture perfect collage life. Julian has been interested in working for the FBI since sophomore year of high school. He will be getting a degree in criminal justice and is trying to participate in an intern ship program this summer, in hopes of learning more about the FBI. Julian feels lucky to have his schooling finances supported by scholar ships and grants. He is excited to graduate with little to no debt. Julian hopes after collage he will join the military scouting division, so that he can gain experience for the FBI. Art 110 doesn’t directly relate to his career like it does to other majors. However Julian has enjoyed the class because he enjoys creating art as a hobby. He recently got back into drawing during his free time. Julian and I both related to each other when it came to living environment. Julian grew up in small town outside of the greater L.A. area. I expressed that I have always lived in large cities and want to live in even bigger city like L.A. We both agreed that it’s best to live large cities so that you can have access to so many great things. The smaller the city the more you limit your access to great stuff. Julian is happy to be in this area and I’m looking forward to moving even deeper into L.A. once I graduate in three years. Julian and I are on two different paths through CSULB, its always interesting to meet people that are doing completely different things than you. I wish Julian all the best on his path to the FBI. Its always fun to talk with a “city kid” and compare all the great things city’s have to offer. I look forward to seeing Julian around campus.


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