Make up work – Classmate Interview – Antonio Jimenez


A few weeks ago I had an amazing conversation with Art 110 peer Antonio Jimenez. Antonio a freshman at CSULB is a pretty typical collage student, living at home, studying hard and enjoying his favorite music. He is the middle child of four and enjoys a close connection with sister who is attending another UC collage. I was most fascinated to find out that Antonio is a from a notorious L.A. neighborhood. Antonio was born and raised in South Central L.A. Most people understand South Central to be a very dangerous neighborhood. Many gangster movies have depicted such ideas; news channels report on the more troubled event in the neighborhood while upper crust city politicians view it as merely a ghetto. I wanted to find out if these stereotypes were true or if a majority of the information was stereotyped. As it turns out Antonio recognizes the neighborhood as fairly good place, he explained that people that have the most trouble are those who look like they are snooping around from out of town. Antonio actually pointed out higher shooting rates in other parts of L.A. In general its must be recognized that South Central does have its problem, but like any neighborhood its livable. Antonio told sorties of his family owning guns, teaching the woman how to shoot weapons and watching his dad sit in the front yard cleaning his guns. His family has only used their guns for recreational hunting. Antonio does recognize that citizens of South Central have a large responsibility to do their own policing, as there is lack of helpful police presents. Antonio’s father is one whom has been known to be a tough individual who should not be messed with. Antonio sites that some of their safety from this reputation the community holds of his dad. Despite living in South Central Antonio is having a successful first year at CSULB More impressive than living in South Central is the fact Antonio has an hour and a half commute consisting of one bus and one train. Sometimes Antonio can make the trip in an hour but after talking to friends finds it more pleasant than they’re often two hour car drive. Antonio has a strong drive to be at least half an hour early to class. He often allows an hour of gap time in between his expected arrival and the start of class, incase anything unexpected happens. Antonio can’t stand to walk into a room as the class is beginning he wasn’t to be there early in his seat and ready to begin. Many of us hold our own perceptions of South Central L.A. but its not until you meet somebody like Antonio who is from there, that you learn what real story is. Despite the rougher edges of South Central L.A. Antonio says its where he grew up, it didn’t necessary better him but it certainly did not worsen him. He understands that you can’t do anything about where you grow up, its where you have to grow up. It’s promising to see all the determination Antonio has. He endures an hour to an hour half of public transportation and is responsible enough to show up at least half an hour early to class. This may raise the question do we hold unfair perceptions of neighborhoods, without ever meeting or talking to the neighborhoods people? I will enjoy seeing Antonio In class and in the galleries this semester.


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