Wk 11 – Activity – Sculpture

I’m glad that this weeks project required me to go to the beach. It has been some time since my girlfriend and I have taken the dogs out to the beach. So I went to Home Depot to grab all the supplies for the project and after church today we took the dogs to the dog beach in Huntington. Once we set up our spot on the beach I went into the water with the dogs for a while. Then I got down to business. I decided to make a plaster cast of my hand. It was very annoying at first because I took my hand out of the mold the first two times and it collapsed. For my first attempt the sand I used was not moist enough to hold the mold. The second time around one of the dogs ran up to the hole and caved it in. So for my final attempt I had the dogs tied down away from the hole and I made sure I had extra water on the side just in case the sand was not wet enough. The worst part was mixing the plaster and trying to get the right consistency. But in the end I was able to come up with a great plaster cast of my hand. I think that it also worked good because I didn’t dig such a deep hole for the mold. After I finished my mold I had a great picnic lunch with my girlfriend and the dogs. It was a awesome day at the beach and I’m glad I had a excuse to leave work for a day and go to the beach.



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