Wk 10 – Activity – Student Choice


This week we got a chance to pick our own activity. I could have chose to do anything so I decided to put up an update on The Jay Show. This was from week four when we had an opportunity to create our own “Mina Show”. For that week I went to Olive Garden and bought “The Tour of Italy” plate for a homeless person. After that activity was finished I started to notice more and more homeless people come to my attention at freeway exits. Especially the South Street exit that I take everyday after school off the 605. But as I started to see more of them I started to realize that it would cost me more money to try and feed every one of them the “Tour of Italy”. One day I was looking for something healthy to eat in my house when I realized that all I had in the pantry was junk food; this gave me an idea. I decided to take all the junk food that no is going to eat in the house, except for my little brother, and keep it in my car so every time I see someone homeless I can give them some food. After about two weeks though I ran out of food. I was starting to think that there are just too many homeless people in this world to feed and that I would go broke if I tried to go buy more food to keep in my car for the next person I saw on the streets. Then I came up with another plan. Instead of buying more food to store in my car I decided that from here on out whenever I have any left over food, whether it be from home or a restaurant, I will box it up and make a trip to my friends alley. You must be wondering why I would go to my friends alley and here is a picture of why:


This gentlemen has been homeless for over a year and has been living on the ground floor of this dental office behind my friends house. We have seen him numerous times but the gentlemen is always intoxicated and unable to communicate with anyone. Also many times he is so intoxicated that we fear he may attack us if we upset him in some way. But there have also been times where we do spark a conversation with the gentlemen and he has a peaceful response. In the end, this was the perfect solution to my problem. I have driven by this alley many times after dinner at a restaurant or if I have left overs from home. Its not a difficult trip because my friend lives about 5 minutes away. Sometimes this guy is able to recognize me and at other times he’s too intoxicated to notice. But in the end I feel good because at least I am trying to make a difference.


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