Wk 9 – Classmate Interview – Khoi Nguyen


This week I had an opportunity to meet Khoi Nguyen. He is a freshmen studying civil engineering. Khoi hopes to one day be a manager for many different civil engineering projects. This is similar to my career path which involves business and I also hope to get into managing one day. We both laughed and agreed that it’s better to put up with school and be the manager as opposed to working the hard labor jobs. Khoi attended Westminster high school and he also played sports, much like myself. He was part of the swimming team and also played on the badminton team. It was interesting to hear that Khoi played badminton because I played a little bit of tennis myself. When I told Khoi he laughed and said that tennis is much harder for him to play which is funny because I have a hard time trying to play badminton compared to tennis. We also play many of the same video games. All these games are played online with all kinds of people from around the world. We both have a PS4, which is the newest gaming conceal by Sony. Our conversation led to the pros and cons of have a Playstation as opposed to an Xbox. There were multiple points brought up by the both of us about Xbox but in the end we agreed that Playstation is better as far as graphics and gameplay. Then we started discussing our plans for the further and where we see ourselves after we graduate. The first subject that we both brought up at the same time was traveling. We are bout huge fans of visiting out of the country. The first place that Khoi mentioned was Germany. When I asked him why he said it’s because most of his family moved to Germany after the Vietnam war. Khoi was born in Vietnam and he migrated to the U.S. when he was 13 years old. He told me that he has no siblings and all his cousins that are his age moved to Germany, that’s why he wants to visit there. Khoi went on to tell me that most of his family in Germany practices medicine. His uncle is a surgeon and his oldest cousin is also finishing up his studies to follow his fathers foot steps in medicine. A few of his aunts also work in the hospital as nurses. Khoi says he misses all his cousins and all the good times they had in Vietnam. He hopes to visit them sometime within the next year. It was nice to meet someone this week with many cultural similarities and I hope to continue this friendship on further as we progress on our path to graduating from college. In the end, we not only exchanged phone numbers but also got a hold of each other’s playstation contact information so we can get online and play some games. It was awesome to meet a fellow gamer.


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