Wk 9 – Art Work – Ralph Acosta


This weeks art work is done by Ralph Acosta and was posted in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. It’s called Home “Sweet” Home and it represents the many different places that the artist has lived throughout his childhood in the 1970-80s. This week I was unable to find an artist to have a conversation with. I know that Ralph Acosta was not present but I was also unable to locate any artist in front of the Werby Gallery. Either way this gave me more time to go back inside and think about this art work. The postcards made me think a lot about my own life and how far I have come even at the age of 22. The artist utilizes the size of these postcards to represent the serious issues his family experienced throughout this period that were too big for a child to handle. This is much like myself and my family who struggled to get our green cards and migrate to America. It all started in the village where my grandparents worked on a farm and lived in a house with 16 people. Then 8 of us, including my family, moved to Bombay. This was the city part of India. We lived there several years until finally we were granted our green cards. This gave us an opportunity to move to the U.S. But as a child you don’t understand many or the things that your parents have to deal with in order to get their turn to move out of India. This is when I realized how I connect with the artist. He struggled with his family for over 10 years in the Wilshire District just like how I struggled to live in a third world country for 8 years before finally experiencing life in America. After coming to California I thought life would get easier but since then we have moved about 5 different times to find a stable enough home that my parents can afford to live in. And after about 13 hard years of work my parents finally have a house to call their own. The artist also mentioned that the Wilshire District is the only place that felt live home throughout those disruptive years. This make me think about how even after all the struggle, in the end, my grandparents farm is the only place that truly feels like home to me. It was a crazy experience for me this week because even thought I did not get a chance to speak with Ralph, I feel that I was able to connect with his life experience through my own families life struggles.


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