Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Hoc Nguyen


This week I had the pleasure of meeting Hoc Nguyen. He is a freshmen who graduated from Westminster High School. Hoc is studying marine biology in the hopes of one day working in an aquarium or zoo. This was awesome to hear because I love animals. Unlike myself, Hoc was born here in California and has visited Asia only once. I have also only visited India once since I move to America but I was born in India. We were discussing different animals we have seen over in foreign lands when I noticed these cool drawings on his folder. I asked if this was his art work and Hoc showed me more cool drawings. Hoc went on to inform me that he had taken AP Art back in high school and that’s how he learned to do all kinds of art. He also wanted to attend art school but applied to Long Beach instead because he only got a 5 out of 6 on his AP test. This still shocked me because getting a 5 is hard enough let along aiming for a 6. But Hoc said he was only going to pursue art if he got a 6 so instead he is hoping to work with animals one day. Which, to me, sounds a lot more fun than doing art but he tells me that art will always be his favorite hobby. I was telling Hoc about how horrible I am at art and he asked me about some of my favorite hobbies. As I was telling him about how I played sports in high school he started laughing because he is as bad at sports as I am at art. I found this funny too because at the beginning of our conversation we had a lot in common talking about animals and foreign countries. It was awesome to meet some one who has many of the same interest as myself but our hobbies and lifestyles are very different.


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