Wk 7 – Art Work – Jesse Lubben


This weeks art work is done by Jesse Lubben. It is called Untitled – (Red rock with astroturf) and was posted in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. This piece caught my attention because the proportion of the items in the image confused my eye. In my understanding of this piece I perceived that the rock could be big next to a small astroturf or the rock is small next to a big astroturf. It was also great to see that red and green colors to make both the rock and turf stand out. The artist main goal was to create a body of work by intervening with the landscape. The artist is inspired by modern ideas of metaphysics and perception. He wanted to disrupt man’s ordinary understanding of the nature of reality and destabilize his perceived realities. That’s exactly what this image did for me. I would have never thought about using such lighting and to bring in an astroturf to create dimensional disruption. To find out more about this I tried to find Jesse but he was not available. Instead to spoke to a female artist who gave me some more information about Jesse. She told me that he is inspired but nature and wants to create images that hopefully draw the viewer away from immediacy of contemporary culture and to contemplate the greater implications of existence. Overall I think that I connect with this artist in a special way through his work of creating hyper realities. I am also inspired by Mother Nature and I believe that more people should take the opportunity to examine these landscapes and create their own hyper realities like Jesse Lubben.


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