Wk 6 – Art Work – Nate Glauninger


This weeks art work connected to me personally. It is hand crafted by Nate Glauninger, titled “Ash Guiter”, on display in the Werby Gallery. It is a hand crafted wood guitar and it really works. At first I was attracted to this piece because I am actually taking guitar lesson weekly as hobby. Then to further amuse me it actually played great. Some extra tuning would have helped but the guitar actually played pretty well. I picked it up off the rack to analyze the weight and tuning of this beautiful piece. The sound was great but as I mentioned earlier it could have used a tune up. As I put the put the guitar back I started to wonder if the creator of this piece knows how to play a few tunes. So I walked outside to see if the artist was available but I only saw a female artist speaking to some of my peers. I walked up and asked her if she had any information about Nate and she said she’ll do her best to answer my questions. So I asked her if Nate knows how to play the guitar. Surprising enough, she told me that Nate can only play a few cords. This was interesting because he made a guitar that plays perfectly yet he doesn’t know how to play the guitar. I also had another quick question regarding the wood utilized for this guitar. She told me that he used two different types of woods. One was ash and the other is called Sitka spruce. She informed me that ash wood is made from old trees that have dangerous branches hanging off on our school campus. These branches we are cut off the trees and recycled to created wonderful art, such as this guitar. And Sitka spruce is another type of wood that Nate used to create the rest of this guitar. Overall it was amazing to realize that I can build an instrument without actually knowing how to play the tunes.


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