Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Anthony Gonzalez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Gonzalez. He is a sophomore studying business just like myself. Anthony isn’t interested in being a office businessman; he wants to mix his passion with business. Anthony is passionate about fitness, especially boxing. Aside from working out, Anthony is also an instructor in some gyms. He is currently getting ready to instruct a kick boxing class here at the campus gym. Anthony has a specific goal to achieve after collage. He wants to open his own gym that not only appeals to boxers and athletes, but is inviting for people who are just beginning to get in the workout flow. We both agree that it can be hard for people who are just starting out in gyms. It’s intimidating to go in and see other people who are always at the gym and are already in shape while you are the fat new comer. Anthony works at a camp for obese children in the summer that helps teach them how to be healthy. It was really cool meeting someone who is extremely involved in keeping the next generation healthy. I hope to make it to one of his kickboxing classes this semester.


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