Wk 4 – Art Work – Rachel Gehrke

For this weeks art work I was draw to an oil on canvas called Porous Parallels 2 by Rachel Gehrke, located in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West. The first thing that caught my eye was the universe. It’s intense detail reeled me in from across the room. As I approached the painting I started to see octopus tentacles wrapping around the universe. When I was close enough I was able to see the octopus head and it’s eye. The brown color of the eye contrast wonderfully with the red on its body. Then I went in for the dip and started to examine the detail inside the universe. I put my face up to the painting close enough to where my peripherals only caught the universe. I could still see some red around the edges but mainly I really just wanted to be close enough to look at the universe and feel like I was in space. Why don’t you take a look for yourself:


After my trip to space I walked out to see if Rachel was present but I was only able to locate her partner in the gallery, Makaila Palmer. She was able to educate me about Rachel’s inspirations. Makaila told me that Rachel grew up around water. She loves going to the beach and sea creatures have always amazed her. As Rachel got older she began to get more curious about the universe and space. So she started studying about outer space and this is what inspires her to paint the universe. I took another picture just to show the resemblance in between her paintings:


Over all her inspiration for the great outer space attracted me to her work. I am also a curious fan of what mysteries await us in the stars.


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