Wk 4 – Activity – The Mina Show

This weeks activity was a bit difficult because it was up to us to figure out what we would like to do. We had the option to make a video or post a picture for our version of The Mina Show. All week I tried to think of crazy things that I could do in my daily routine to make The Jay Show but I couldn’t think of anything that was not dangerous. Then on Valentine’s night as I was taking the freeway exit to Olive Garden for dinner with my girlfriend I noticed a homeless man standing there with a sign asking for food. I’ve seen many homeless people sitting at freeway exits hoping to get a little spare change or some food perhaps but most of the time I have neither to offer them. So as I am sitting in the restaurant looking at the menu a light bulb goes off in my head and I get a brilliant idea. I decided to order extra food so when I was done with dinner I can go back and feed the man at the freeway exit.


As you can see in the picture I ordered two plates called the Tour of Italy. This plate consist of three different entrees proportioned smaller than its original size to make up a combo plate. Chicken parmesan, five cheese alfredo, and a slice of lasagna are what this plate consist of. When me and my girlfriend were done with our entrees we ordered dessert and had some leftover. So I had the waiter box up the dessert along with the Tour of Italy. After we paid I drove back to the same freeway exit and parked up with my emergency lights on. I got out the car and took the food to the gentlemen who was still sitting there. He was extremely grateful for dinner and thanked me a million times. I told him it was just an act of kindness and I hope he can pay it forward. This got me thinking about the movie Pay If Forward and I decided that The Jay Show will be dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Next time I will park my car in a proper parking lot so I can actually take a video of my conversation with the person I helped. Overall this experience helped me appreciate everything that I have access to in my life. From getting a great education at CSULB to having a simple meal everyday.


4 thoughts on “Wk 4 – Activity – The Mina Show

  1. This is really wonderful. Reminds me of the quote “Do small things with great love” from Mother Teresa.

    Thanks for sharing, Jay!

    -Brittany the TA


  2. Fantastic Jay! What a great, unexpected “solution.” Sometimes a “question” just rolls around for a while and then that light bulb over your brain pops up with something wonderful.

    Are you planning to keep going with this? In a while, Week 11, we have “Activity 11 – Your Turn” where YOU get to invent the activity instead of me. You could do an update or extended version of The Jay Show for that.

    It’s a bit different from The Jay Show, but you might want to check out the work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles, who created the form of “Maintenance Art”:

    While different, like you, Ukeles took “ordinary” circumstance of life and culture and used the context of art to present them for our deeper consideration.


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