Wk 3 – Art Work – Maryann Gonzalez

This week for my choice of art work I was attracted to “Distraction Disruption” by Maryann Gonzalez in the Max L. Gatov Gallery West.


I did not get a chance to speak with Maryann because she was not present on Thursday and the artist that I did speak to has only done art work in the Max L. Gatov East building. But I was instantly drawn to this piece because of the bright and vibrant colors in the center of the piece. Even though it is small, this pop of color creates a dynamic contrast to all the black and white that make up the rest of this painting. I also find all of the rearview mirrors in the piece extremely interesting. What better way to portray all the different people on the freeway than to show them as rearview mirror reflections! The name of this beautiful piece is, “Distraction Disruption” which I feel is a perfect name for the crazy chaos created in this masterpiece. The artist, Maryann Gonzalez, did an amazing job at depicting the craziness and busyness of a freeway and it’s commuters.


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