Wk 3 – Acitivity – Social Photography

This weeks activity required us to post some picture on Instagram about what we do on a daily Thursday. It was interesting to see many similarities and difference between my classmates and I. To start the day off many of us wake up early to get ready for school, this includes myself. Most of us drive to school but there are lots of pictures where my classmates commute to school on a bus. I personally drive to school but I carpool with another friend. This makes it easier to get to school and find parking. Here are some pictures of fellow classmates waking up for school:


Next I realized that, like myself, many of my classmates have pets at home. A lot of them have dogs but it was extremely cool to see a mixture of different household pets. For example one of the pictures was of a pet parrot and another classmate has an iguana. This reminded me of my friends pet parrot, bunnies, and chickens. Overall it was really cool to see that there are lots of animal lovers out there who are willing to put time and effort into caring for their pets.


From all the pictures posted on that Thursday, the biggest difference I saw between my classmates and I was that I am not a morning person. I will sleep every second that I can before I have to wake up and get ready to leave for school. This means that I only leave myself enough time to shower and then leave for school. So I have no time for breakfast or any sort of caffeinated beverage that I see many of my classmates enjoying on their Thursday morning.


In the end I evaluated that we all have more things in common than we realize. Even thought some of us may not get up extra early for breakfast we still have to wake up for school. And after school most of have to go to work or go home to attend to our pets that we adore so much.



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