Wk 2 – Art Work – Andrew Maverick Corella

This week it was fairly easy for me to find an art piece that I could connect with. It’s called “SIE” and was painted by Andrew Maverick Corella in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. Unfortunately he was not there on Thrusday so I did not get a chance to talk to him. But I did get a chace to speak with Chase Wolcott who is told me a few important things about Andrew. Before I move on with the artist I’d like to talk about why I was attract to this painting the second I layed eyes on it.


When I see this painting I see a troubled youth representing his creativity in a manner he knows best, through graffiti art. Like most kids he knows what he’s doing is illegal yet he commits his crime anyway. This reminds me much of myself and many of my other peers in high school. Although we know what is best, we still decide to “rebel” against the rules and do things that will land us in trouble with authority. But I believe that this rebellion state of mind comes with the youth and as we mature there are other legal ways we find to represent what we believe in. That being said I asked Chase about how Andrew might have been inspired to paint this picture. So Chase tells me that, like most graffiti artist, Andrew came up from the “ghetto” streets. He had his “black book” in which he would practiced most of his art. A “black book” is what a tagger might calls his book full of graffiti. Usually the artist starts off doing some work in the book and then it is passed around to other friends who know how to graffiti well. At the end this “black book” is filled with some of the best taggers in the city. But like most people, as Andrew got older, he was in search of a job. Ironically enough the only job he was offered was a position as a security guard. In the end Adrew was able to portrai his experience on both sides of the law. Overall I was most attracted to this piece because of Adrews ambition to show that a graffiti artist is not just a gangste but can also be in the other side of the law.


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