Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Gibson Reedy


Everyone meet Gibson Reedy from Portland, Oregon. I had the pleasure of meeting him on Thursday during our art gallery exploration. Gibson is a film maker and has been interested in film since the age of 10. He has worked on over 80 personal video projects and is attending Cal State Long Beach for the film program. Gibson’s dream is to one day either direct biopic movies or be a cinematographer. He has already produced a short film called “Hit List” which was aired in a small theater in Oregon. Along with film, Gibson also enjoys the art of making hip hop music videos. Although his heart will always be in Oregon, Gibson says he is ready to make Long Beach and the greater Los Angeles his new home. He can not wait to graduate college and start an exciting career in the entertainment industry. We also discussed a lot about football due to us both being enthusiastic fans of the sport. He is a fan of the Settle Seahawks who are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Personally I dislike their opponents, the Patriots, so mutually we want the same team to win. It was great meeting someone new in such a big class. If it wasn’t for these classmate interviews most of us would have let the semester pass without making a new friend. I am glad to have met a new friend like Gibson Reedy.


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