Wk 2 – Activity – Spray Painting

This weeks task was to outline my name in bubble letters and then spray paint it. Most people don’t have much experience with spray paint. I’ve taken multiple art classes in high school that have given me some hands on experience with spray painting. It has been a while since I’ve picked up a spray can but first, here is the outline of my name:


The next step was to spray paint over this. Since I wanted to save money I asked a couple friends if they had spray paint and two of them texted me back. One of them had a purple can and the other said he had a can of white. So I decided to check my garage and see if I had any left. To my surprise I found a white and black spray can myself. This gave me a total of four spray cans. Now I began my long search for a good piece of wood to spray paint on because I didn’t want to do it in the cardboard. At the end of the day the only thing I could find was this old hood to my Honda Civic sitting in my backyard catching rust. So I began to spray paint…


…after about 30 minutes…


…and the finished project:


I have to admit this wasn’t the easiest task to complete but after about 35-40 minutes I was able to come up with something that satisfied me. In my experience I learned that it isn’t easy to spray paint. Many people think that graffiti is something gangsters do to represent their territory but most of them don’t understand the art behind it all. It takes time and practice to be able to create an eye appealing piece of graffiti art but tagging is a sloppy way to vandalize and destroy public property. Once we understand the difference between these two, then and only then will we be able to appreciate true graffiti art and artist.


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